Granular Soundscape Generating Stompbox

US Walrus Audio releases The Fable      07/03/23

Granular Soundscape Generating Stompbox

Walrus Audio has released The Fable Granular Soundscape Generator which they say creates new sonic adventures with 5 granular delay programs centered around sample and chop algorithms. Here's the details in their own words...

In the high woodlands of the north, undiscovered by most inhabitants, there ruled a clan of old, mystic Treefolk. On the first new moon of spring, these Treefolk could be heard grafting limbs to grow their young - splicing bits of branches from each generation to produce the next line of Treefolk. These new beings keep the lifeblood of all who came before in their new skin. These sounds are in part very old, but in part, very new. They are referred to as... Fable.

Walrus Audio is excited to announce the Fable Granular Soundscape Generator. The Fable creates new sonic adventures with five granular delay programs centered around sample and chop algorithms. The Fable generates its wonder with a dual feedback path developed by DSP engineers at Walrus Audio. With two DSP chips, your signal is run through two separate effects in series (independently controlled by the Feedback and Regen Knobs), then the signals are run back through both DSP chips again before going through the output. What does that mean? Artists will discover unique soundscapes ranging from smooth, flowing ambience; to bizarre, organic reverberance; to chaotic, glitchy swarms.

Explore vast time stretching and reverse sounds with five different custom programs:
I. Reverse Delay into Reverse Granular
II. Forward Delay into Octave Up Granular
III. Analog Delay into Octave Down Granular
IV. Multi-Tap Granular into Multi-Tap Granular (Grain-Verb)
V. Forward Delay into Randomized Pitch Granular

Further explore the Fable with momentary features for adjusting modulation speed and a time warping effect that can shift the clock rate up or down, giving a rising or sinking effect.

The Fable comes coated in a slate gray enclosure with white, black, cream, red, and orange ink with art by David Hüttner. The die-cast enclosure's exact size is 3.62" x 4.79" x 2.25" including knobs. Power requirements are 9VDC, center negative (300mA minimum).

Pricing and Availability:
$299 / 355 EUR / £305

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