Superbooth 21: Enters 1U Format

US 3 redesigned modules previously only available in 3U format and more      15/09/21 tells us that they have entered 1U format with 3 redesigned modules previously only available only in 3U format to further optimise your live performance case without sacrificing on the functionality. They say that all 3 modules have a fully redesigned horizontal UI and utilise behind the panel connectors, letting you chain, interconnect and integrate them with Intellijel Audio IO board. Here's the details that they have supplied...

GOLDEN MASTER 1U -- is designed in 22 hp to perform intended functions at the highest standards and ease artist's stage life without taking too much of the precious limited 3U rack space. It is a unique and one of a kind in eurorack stereo, end of chain multiband processor. It utilises 3 behind the panel connectors: AUX IN and MIX OUT for chaining Golden Master with other Mix Bus compatible modules and a 6 pin balanced output for Intellijel 1/4" I/O outputs. This makes Golden Master 1U a perfect end of chain stereo output module.

MILKY WAY 1U - the famous stereo FX module from in 22hp. Featuring 16 different true stereo FX algorithms with ability to pan and crossfade the input signals under CV control. By utilising the MIX OUT connector on the back the module seamlessly integrates with other Mix Bus compatible modules.

COCKPIT 1U - compact and effective 4 channel stereo mixer with sidechain ducking now with redesigned horizontal UI in 24 hp. Apart from the new panel layout that extensively improves your patch ergonomics, it also features 4 white labels that can be used for naming your channels with a permanent marker. Channels 2/3/4 now have dual mono inputs, eliminating the need for jumpers on the back, channel 1 has remained stereo. As with other 1U modules, it has three behind the back connectors, namely AUX IN and MIX OUT for chaining and 6 pin balanced output for Intellijel ¼ IO outputs.

TRIPPY CABLES (BLUE ROSE, PACK OF 16) - a pack of 16, 3.5mm high quality, gold-plated patch cables, 50 cm long each.

BLANK PANELS 1U - new blank panels for 1U intellijel format with white labels suitable for writing names / notes with a permanent marker. Available in 4hp and 6hp sizes.

Pricing and Availability:
The prices for the 1U line of modules is exactly the same as for 3U versions.
€ 200,– incl. VAT
$ 210 MSRP

€ 200,– incl. VAT
$ 210 MSRP

€ 200,– incl. VAT
$ 210 MSRP

All three modules and cables are available in October 2021.

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