Endorphin.es Ghost Pedal Is Now Available

US A suite of multi-dimensional audio effects designed in collaboration with Andrew Huang      11/10/23

Endorphin.es  Ghost Pedal Is Now Available

You may have already seen it in our previous NAMM and Superbooth videos but now Barcelona-based Endorphin.es has released its Ghost Pedal which they describe as a collaborative masterpiece born from the company's ongoing synergy with Andrew Huang. A spokesperson told us, "Tailored for audacious sound designers and electrifying live performers, the Ghost Pedal takes users on an odyssey of multi-dimensional audio effects." Here's more details direct from the company...

The Ghost Pedal contains an arsenal of effects, including distortion, cabinet simulation, bitcrushing, and a trio of reverbs that span from lush halls with infinite freeze and shimmer to reverberating springs and ethereal reverses. Meantime, a distinctive delay section takes center stage, featuring a single delay line that can be harnessed for looping. stereo choruses and resonant textures.

Expansive filter options, routing matrix The Ghost Pedal's expansive filter suite offers three distinct types – state-variable LP/HP, Band Pass, and a comb filter that morphs into a resonator with high resonance settings. Immerse yourself in sonic exploration as you modulate effects using the built-in multi-shape LFO or external sources such as the envelope follower, expression pedal or MIDI.

But what truly sets the Ghost Pedal apart is its Routing Matrix, providing six versatile routing options that redefine the sonic journey. With a simple button press, you can reshape the order of effects in the audio processing chain -- from cataclysmic subharmonics to celestial, shimmering reverbs.

The Ghost Pedal is a haven for creative expression, offering 9 presets that can be seamlessly morphed and recalled on the fly. Sharing and evolving your sound is also effortless, as presets can be exchanged between users via SysEx messages opening the doors to endless sonic horizons.
The Ghost Pedal redefines convenience with its compact design, offering an all-in-one solution for both pedal boards and multi-effect processors. It boasts a carefully chosen selection of intuitive hands-on controls that eliminate the need for cumbersome menu diving, steep learning curve or connectivity overkill.

Pricing and Availability:
The Ghost Pedal is priced at USD $519 / €519

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