NAMM 2023: - Golden Master - Ghost

US Two new pedals based on Eurorack modules      14/04/23

Andreas from introduced us to two new pedals - the Golden Master and the Ghost . Ghost is a pedal that's developed from their original Eurorack module. It's a multi-dimensional effect processor designed for guitars and synthesizers. With three footswitches and nine presets. The pedal has primary and secondary values each with its own settings that are shown on a second page with different colour LEDs. Modulation can be assigned to any parameter, including the distortion or the filter, enabling multiple modulations. The pedal has full MIDI I/O, with every knob having a CC value and the delay able to receive or send MIDI clock.

The Golden Master has a multiband processor with compressor, EQ and mid-side processing with a similar sound to the original Eurorack module. With six routing sequences and a stereo enhancer for each of the three bands, the module has full MIDI I/O, with the delay able to receive or send MIDI clock. With nine presets and the ability to save quickly. The Golden Master is easy to operate, and Ghost was designed with the collaboration of Andrew Huang.

Available soon. Price: TBC

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