Pedal Aims To Redefine Sound Manipulation

US releases its Golden Master multiband processor effect unit      11/10/23

Pedal Aims To Redefine Sound Manipulation has announced the arrival of its new Golden Master Pedal, which they describe as a 24-bit 96kHz multiband processor effect unit that redefines the art of sound manipulation. Here's the details direct from the company...

Crafted with the discerning needs of both live musicians and studio virtuosos in mind, the Golden Master Pedal stands as a testament to punch and power. At its core, the pedal boasts 32-bit internal processing, multi-band compression and EQ -- delivering pristine audio that enriches stereo mixes and while also imparting life to individual elements.

An indispensable companion The Golden Master Pedal consists of a plethora of features, including a classic 3-band equalizer with selective compression, end-of-chain limiter, multiband sidechain and stereo image widener with dry/wet control. Such a versatile array of tools makes it an indispensable instrument for adding punch and clarity to your music -- whether you are a guitar or bass player or just mastering an entire mix directly into a venue PA.

Adding further flexibility, the per-band EQ can be controlled externally using an expression pedal or the sidechain envelope follower derived from an external audio source. This ground-breaking technique empowers you to harness granular control over the spectrum sculpting frequencies and dynamics with unparalleled precision.

Take command of your mix Compact and lightweight, the Golden Master Pedal integrates seamlessly into live setups, allowing you to achieve commanding, stage-ready mixes effortlessly. With the capability to store and recall 3 presets, morphing between soundscapes becomes an intuitive one-handed experience, ensuring your creativity flows unhindered.

Moreover, the Golden Master's high impedance inputs and pseudo-balanced outputs transform it into an exceptional DI box for minimizing noise when interfacing with large PA systems.

Pricing and Availability:

The Golden Master pedal is priced at USD $349 / €349

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