Presonus Studio One V5 - In Depth Look

Lots of deep info at 6pm UK - Join us!      18/08/20

We spoke to Gregor Beyerle from Presonus about the new features in the Studio One v6 DAW update. We cover a lot of the new features including: 
Show Page - designed for live performance (think Mainstage integrated into the DAW) 
Mix Scenes -  full mixer states snapshots including plug-ins allow you to save states and recall  with the ability to select which channels and features to recall.
Score Edit - direct score edit of MIDI
Monitor Bus - separate monitoring path and plug-ins
Clip Gain  - micro adjustments to gain that follows the clip used , separate from Automation

The video is a solid, deep look at these features and will premier tonight (Tuesday 18th August at 6pm UK) On Youtube - Presonus will also be there in the comments to answer any questions.

See you there!


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