News / From: RME
RME Fireface UFX II Upgraded
Now available with SteadyClock FS

09-Jan-24    full story...

New RME AD/DA Converters
M-32 Pro II Series debuts

16-Jun-23    full story...

Superbooth 2023: RME - Fireface UFX III
Updated USB3 interfaces with DC coupled outputs

12-May-23    full story...

RME Introduce A New Flagship Fireface
Fireface UFX III is a 24 bit/192 kHz USB 3.0 audio interface with 94 inputs and 94 outputs

15-Mar-23    full story...

New RME Audio Interface
 Digiface AES is a bus powered 14 input and 16 output channel USB 2.0 interface

17-Jan-23    full story...

RME Expands The ADI-2 Series
ADI-2/4 Pro SE studio quality converter makes its debut

03-Nov-22    full story...

RME Introduces RME Digiface Ravenna
Mobile audio interface features a RAVENNA module developed by DirectOut

08-Sep-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: RME 12Mic D - Dante, MADI, AVB
Reference class mic amps, over network

05-Jun-22    full story...

Superbooth 22: RME - ADI-2/4 Pro SE
High-end RME converter gets an upgrade

14-May-22    full story...

New RME USB Audio Interface
Company celebrates 25th Anniversary with 40-Channel, 192 kHz Fireface UCX II

08-Jun-21    full story...

Sonic LAB: RME Babyface Pro FS and Fireface UFX+ Review
The RME ecosystem examined

10-Dec-20    full story...

RME Debuts Newly-Designed DigiCheck NG
Professional audio metering & analyzing software

22-May-20    full story...

  NAMM 2020: RME Updates to ADI 2 Pro, ADI DAC and Babyface Pro
Now with FS low jitter clock

30-Jan-20    full story...

NAMM 2020: RME ADI-2 In Black
Special edition of the AD/DA converter

17-Jan-20    full story...

RME Announces ADI-2 DAC FS
Audio converter and headphone amp will make its debut at the NAMM show

17-Dec-19    full story...

Superbooth 2019: RME M-32 Pro MADI DC Coupled Outputs
Control your CV kit - a lot of it!

17-May-19    full story...

MESSE 2018: RME UFX For Portable Mixing and Recording

11-Apr-18    full story...

NAMM 2018: RME Unveils ADI-2 DAC
Compact two-channel mastering-grade digital/analog converter

30-Jan-18    full story...

  MESSE 2015: New RME Babyface Pro - we have video
RME founder Matthias Carstens shows us their cute new baby

22-Apr-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: RME Launches Babyface Pro
24-Channel, 192 kHz bus-powered professional USB 2.0 Audio Interface

15-Apr-15    full story...

Portable MADI Interface
RME starts shipping of their brand new MADIface USB

10-Sep-13    full story...

MESSE13: RME 8-Channel Preamp And Converter
RME introduces OctaMic XTC

11-Apr-13    full story...

MESSE13: Compact MADI Device
RME introduces the MADIface USB

10-Apr-13    full story...

MESSE13: World's First USB 3.0 Audio Interface
RME launches the MADIface XT

10-Apr-13    full story...

  MESSE13: RME Madiface XT
The worlds first USB3 audio interface

10-Apr-13    full story...

  WNAMM13: RME Update Firmware For UCX and Babyface
iPad Class Compliant means 18 IO on iOS 6

31-Jan-13    full story...

  MESSE11: RME Fireface Now Records to USB
Record 60 Channels on a USB drive - No Computer Needed!

11-Apr-11    full story...

Babyface Starts Shipping
RME's portable USB 22-channel audio interface is now available

10-Nov-10    full story...

New Flagship Audio Interface From RME
RME unveils the Fireface UFX

20-Oct-10    full story...

MESSE10: A Cute 22-Channel 192 kHz Mobile USB Audio Interface
RME unveils the Babyface

25-Mar-10    full story...

RME M-Series Converters Now Available
New series of converters with MADI and ADAT interface starts shipping

02-Sep-09    full story...

36-channel USB Interface Ships
RME Fireface UC is now available

01-Sep-09    full story...

MESSE09: New RME Multichannel Converters
RME launches new M-Series analog multichannel MADI and ADAT converters

01-Apr-09    full story...

The new 38-channel 192 kHz Multiformat card has started shipping

04-Mar-09    full story...

RME Ship New PCI Express Cards
72-channel ADAT/AES and 32-channel AES/EBU

15-Jul-08    full story...

  AES08: RME's Stephan Flock Interviewed
MADI and the future

23-May-08    full story...

MESSE08: 128 Channels Of Audio For Laptops
RME announce the MADIface 128-Channel 192 kHz MADI ExpressCard

12-Mar-08    full story...

Multi-Channel Digital Mic Controller Ships
RME announce that the DMC-842 is now available worldwide

19-Dec-07    full story...

AESNYC07: Multi-Channel Digital Microphone Interface
RME launch the DMC-842 interface

10-Oct-07    full story...

AESNYC07: RME Launch Hi Performance Express Card
HDSPe ExpressCard/34 connects existing RME Interfaces with modern PCIe slotted Notebooks

08-Oct-07    full story...

Improved 8-Channel Mic Preamp
RME launches new OctaMic II Preamp

10-Sep-07    full story...

SNAMM07: 128 Channel PCI Express Card
RME MADI ships with 128 audio lanes on a single audio card

27-Jul-07    full story...

RME in Micstasy
Happy to update their firmware

15-Jun-07    full story...

Remote-Controlled Preamp Updated
RME announces Micstasy Firmware 2.0 update and MIDI Remote 1.4

12-Jun-07    full story...

Plug All Your Digital Mics In
RME launch the first multi-channel digital microphone interface

08-May-07    full story...

  MESSE07: RME Launch New PCIe Audio Card
Range of PCI-Express audio solutions on show

28-Mar-07    full story...

WNAMM07: RME Launch PCI-Express Cards
Newly engineered HDSPe PCI Card and HDSPe MADI fit the new slots

18-Jan-07    full story...

8-Channel AD/DA Converter Ships
RME ADI-8 QS 8-Channel Reference AD/DA Converter with I64 MADI option is now available

15-Jan-07    full story...

8 Channel Preamp/Converter Now Available
RME ships Micstasy 8-channel full-range mic, line and instrument preamp/converter

09-Nov-06    full story...

RME Ships Fireface 400 Worldwide
36-channel 24 Bit/192 kHz FireWire audio interface is in the shops

01-Sep-06    full story...

Universal Breakout Box Launched
RME’s BOB-32 interconnects AES D-subs and XLR

28-Jun-06    full story...

  AES06: RME New Products Unveiled
Micstasy 8 preamp and ADI-8 remote controlled A/D

30-May-06    full story...

In Ecstasy With Micstasy
RME launch 8-channel remotely controllable high-end microphone and instrument preamp

17-May-06    full story...

8 Channels of Remotely Controlled AD/DA
The RME ADI-8 QS is an 8-Channel 24 bit/192 kHz Remotely Controllable AD/DA Converter with option slot

16-May-06    full story...

  MESSE06: Another Fireface From RME
Fireface 400 is a half-rack 36-Channel 24 Bit/192 kHz FireWire audio interface

30-Mar-06    full story...

MESSE06: New MADI Converters From RME
MADI CONVERTER and ADI-6432 MADI-to-AES Converter launched

30-Mar-06    full story...

  MESSE05: RME Introduce Two New Interfaces
MADI and ADI 192

18-Apr-05    full story...

  MESSE04: New kit from RME
Bevvy of interfaces including something for DJs

08-Apr-04    full story...

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