MESSE04: New kit from RME

US Bevvy of interfaces including something for DJs      08/04/04

MESSE04: New kit from RME
Joe and his friendly neighbours

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One of the more, err...'obvious' attractions in Hall 5.1 was a booth attended by girls wearing no more than a g-string, a bit of body paint, and a smile (well usually, this is Frankfurt after all ;-) Neighbouring standholders probably had a more enjoyable show than they might have otherwise anticipated, and one of those with a smile in his face was Joe de Bie on the nearby RME stand, though he did assure me this was purely because of all the wonderful kit on display... I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions, but there's certainly a lot of new RME gear. We asked Joe to give us a quick run-down of the gear on display - check out the video and the RME website for more in depth information. Here's a smattering from their press releases:- "Fireface 800 - RME goes FireWire! After more than 2 years of development, time has come: RME presents the Fireface 800, a 56 channel 24 bit / 192 kHz high-end, high performance and high speed FireWire audio interface. The Fireface 800 combines the latest and also proven technologies of previous RME products with the fastest FireWire technology. Analog technology of the ADI-8 converters, microphone technology of QuadMic and OctaMic, TotalMix technology of the Hammerfall DSP series, years of experience in programming of efficient and reliable drivers up to complete support from DIGICheck - only the best of the best, and even a bit more. The Fireface 800 offers the best worked out instrument input that could ever be found in an audio interface, a high power headphone output and signal-to-noise ratios of 119 dBA - typically RME! RME's world-wide successful Multiface was the basis for the development of the Fireface 800. 8 balanced line I/Os with software controlled switching of the reference levels (-10 dBV, +4 dBu, HiGain), of course realized discretely in the analog domain, guarantee highest dynamic range and highest fidelity. Apart from the levels of the microphone pre-amps and the headphone outputs, all device settings are software controlled. Equipped with the latest A/D and D/A converter chips, all I/Os operate up to 192 kHz and reach even 119 dBA dynamic range on playback. RPM, ADI-2 and OctaMic shipping The devices announced during this year's NAMM Show, are currently shipping. These include the RPM, a portable turntable / Cd / Mic / MIDI interface based on the well-known Hammerfall DSP series, already equipped with complete driver support for Windows 2000 / XP and Mac OS X. Also available is the ADI-2, a 2-channel high end A/D- and D/A-converter in a half-19" housing. The originally avised 110 dB signal-to-noise for the D/A-converter has been considerably improved to 119 dBA. The first units of the OctaMic and OctaMic D have hit the stores as well. The OctaMic is available completely analog or with digital 192 kHz outputs as OctaMic D. The digital expansion board called ADC Module, with AES/EBU and ADAT ports, is available separately. This way an OctaMic can be upgraded to an OctaMic D at any time." There's much more than can fit on this page at their websites:-
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