Superbooth 2023: RME - Fireface UFX III

US Updated USB3 interfaces with DC coupled outputs      12/05/23

We spoke to Adrian from RME at Superbooth 2023 and he gave us a rundown of their three major updates this year. First on the list was the Fireface UFX 3, the successor to the UFX+. The main difference is that it now only features USB 3, which is said to offer superior performance compared to Thunderbolt, and can be adapted easily, making it reliable and cheaper for the end customer. The Fireface UFX 3 features newly developed converters and all analog I/Os and the Medio are now available over USB 3. In addition, all the outputs on the back are now DC coupled, which means control voltage can be sent out to the backs, and all the digital I/Os can now be used simultaneously. Lastly, the UFX3 now has track names, which allows users to have custom track names written to the multi-file. The UFX3 is a 188 channel audio recorder that can now record the whole channel count simultaneously.

Next, Adrian shared that RME had come up with the 12 mic Dante, which is a 12 input Dante mic preamp and format converter. The 12 mic was highly requested, and it is designed to be a cost-effective solution that provides high-quality preamps for live shows or recording sessions. Both products are available now.

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