Sonic LAB: RME Babyface Pro FS and Fireface UFX+ Review

US The RME ecosystem examined      10/12/20

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For as long as we've been going to trade shows, we've seen RME products presented on their stands, and over the years we've filmed a number of their products, but apart from that we've had no experience with them.

At the last show though (which may be literally the 'last show', the way things are going!) we had a long chat with the RME guys who explained a bit more to us about the way they approached audio product design, and our interest was piqued.
So a while later we were in touch and arranged to have a look at a couple of interfaces spanning their range; the flagship 188 channels (yes 188!) UFX+, and it's tiny mobile sibling, the Babyface Pro FS.
We needed somewhere and someone with the gear and know-how to check them out and see how they measured up - so we asked Steve Evans to take a look.
He ran the two RME units up in his studio for a while and tested them out against his regular gear, which includes some pretty high-end items - then we went along and filmed him giving his overall impressions of the two units he looked at, and the RME system overall.
We also did a listening comparison between the UFX+, Babyface Pro FS, and his Prism units - and we were pretty impressed that there was no discernible difference listening to program material, which considering the Prisms are more than 10 times the cost of the Babyface, is a remarkable performance.
RME write their own drivers, which may explain their low latency and stability, and every aspect of the overall design, even down to the material and construction of the PCBs, are aimed at squeezing every last drop of audio performance.

RME Babyface Pro FS $899/£639
RME Fireface UFX+ $2799/£1990
RME ARC USB remote $179/£115
If you want to check out the specs and info, you'll find it here:-

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