New Sound Pack For Your Analog Four

US Elektron releases Shapes + Memory by Oora      27/02/24

New Sound Pack For Your Analog Four

Elektron has released Shapes + Memory, a Sound Pack for Analog Four. A spokesperson told us, "With Shapes + Memory, Oora's majestic Sound Pack for Analog Four, you get to dip into the sonic forms and audio echoes of the distant past."

Here's more details from Elektron...

These enthralling sounds are brought into the present once again through a collection of 50 evocative synth patches that stimulate and untether in turn. Some of these will likely trigger feelings of familiarity, and others will lead you down a path of discovery toward the unknown. All are grade-A quality and will captivate as you unfurl your own soundscape. Dabble with the arpeggiator - where many of the patches really stand out - to extend the range of possibilities.

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