Elektron Updates Analog Heat +FX

US OS 1.01 adds new features including ramped-up randomness      29/02/24

Elektron Updates Analog Heat +FX

Elektron says you can ramp up the randomness with this new OS for Analog Heat +FX.They say that OS 1.01 brings a handful of new features, several of which put the power of happy accidents at your fingertips. Here's more details direct from the company...

Euclidean Mode
Easily randomize parameter pages with the touch of a button in the pursuit of the left field. Then revel in the result, keep on searching, or dial it back.

Random Name Generator
Want to pour all your creativity and time into your sound but can't stand the sight of untitled presets? We've got your back. Let the machine take over naming duty, and get set for unexpected results.

LFO Slew
Smooth over your LFO transitions from one random position to another with slew. More slew lets you take your time with the switch and keep things less drastic.

Momentary Active
Add to the unpredictability by toggling your Heat +FX Active or not. Cast whatever effect you want with ease, as long as you like.

Extra parameters
You have deeper output and audio control courtesy of a new Output Gain parameter added to the Preset Setup menu, and an FX to USB parameter added to the Audio Routing menu.

Plus more
There are also improvements to performance, navigation, and display.  Check the release notes for a full list.

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