BAF 2024: Elektron - e25 Remix Editions - Rytm MK II

US Will you find Elektron's secret silver function button?      28/01/24

At Buchla And Friends 2024, Sonic State caught up with Enrique Martinez at the Elektron booth to discuss their latest products. We got a look at their limited edition e25 series, which included the Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt. These instruments feature a shiny stainless steel finish that are surprisingly resistant to fingerprints. Additionally, Elektron displayed the Analog Heat Plus FX, the analog and digital effects processing unit and The Analog Rytm MKII which has new added machines and a Euclidean mode for creating intricate rhythmic patterns.

Ricky told us that the limited edition products are slightly more expensive but come with additional features and excitingly, in one box of each of the range there is a unique silver function button, which if you find it, Elektron has a secret very special prize for you!

Syntakt e25 Remix Edition Price: 1,149 USD

Digitakt e25 Remix Edition Price: 999 USD

Digitone e25 Remix Edition Price: 999 USD

Analog Heat Plus FX Price: 999 USD

Analog Rytm MK II Price: 1,799 USD

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