Plug-In Creates Rhythmic Filter Effects

US TBProAudio releases TBPAMove      12/02/24

TBProAudio has released TBPAMove, which they describe as a plugin for creating rhythmic filter, gain and pan effects. Here's more details direct from the company...

TBPAMove consists of two independent filters and a high-resolution oscilloscope.

Each parameter of the filter (resonance, cutoff, gain and pan) can be controlled by DAW automation and a modulator.

The DAW automation can be customized (delayed, smoothed and mixed with default setting).

The modulation types can be side-chain, LFO, step sequencer or multi-stage envelope generator.


  •     2 independent filter with resonance, cut-off, gain pan controls
  •     various filter types (e.g. low pass, high pass, peak and shelf)
  •     serial and parallel processing
  •     8 independent modulators
  •     side-chain modulator
  •     LFO modulator
  •     step sequencer modulator
  •     multi-stage envelope generator
  •     multiple randomization options
  •     AHR envelopedelay of parameter changes
  •     smoothing of parameter changes with low aliasing
  •     VST3 sample accurate automation data processing
  •     large oscilloscope with audio and parameter envelope display
  •     GUI scale
  •     64-bit internal processing
  •     demo version available

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