Loudness And True Peak Finalizer

US FinalLoud lets audio reach a target loudness level while maintaining given True Peak ceiling      05/02/18

Loudness And True Peak Finalizer

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Described as a loudness and True Peak finalizer tool, TBProAudio tells us that FinalLoud solves quickly a very common challenge in audio engineering: reaching a certain target loudness level for any audio material while maintaining given True Peak ceiling.

A spokesperson told us, "FinalLoud combines a gain control, a high quality True Peak limiter and an accurate loudness meter under an easy-to-use interface. The gain control pushes the loudness level to the target level and in parallel the limiter ensures the True Peak ceiling."


  • 4 measurement methods: EBU IL/SL Max, RMS IL/SL Max
  • Adjustable reference level
  • Adjustable True Peak ceiling level
  • Loudness measurement based on EBU R128-2014
  • True Peak measurement based on ITU BS.1770-4
  • Automatic sync of measurement with DAW start/stop
  • Preset management
  • Many useful presets
  • Large and easy to use GUI
  • 64-bit internal processing

Pricing and Availability:
29 € (plus VAT)

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