Channel Strip Provides All The Tools

US TBPro Audio releases CS-5501      30/07/19

TBPro Audio tells us that CS-5501 is a multi-functional channel strip providing all necessary tools to process all kind of audio signals like vocals and instruments.

CS-5501 is the successor of the CS-3301. A spokesperson told us, “It keeps the smooth sound of CS-3301 but provides much more flexibility in all tracking and mixing situations.”


  •     2x 7 band EQ
  •     2x noise gate/expander
  •     2x compressor, VCA/FET/OPTP design
  •     2x deesser
  •     2x limiter
  •     saturation
  •     thermal noise for analogue sound emulation
  •     HQ over sampling
  •     signal overshot protection
  •     linkable input/output fader including phase inversion
  •     extended metering, input/output/gain reduction, Peak, RMS, EBU and VU
  •     perceptual loudness matching (powered by AB-LM Lite)
  •     module routing
  •     extensive side-chain support for many effect modules
  •     many comfort functions like soloing and signal monitoring
  •     preset management
  •     selectable colour theme
  •     large and easy to use GUI
  •     64-bit internal processing
  •     very efficient CPU usage design


Pricing and Availability:
59€ (plus VAT)

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