NAMM 2024: McDSP - New Plugins And Updates

US Including a spectral processor that operates over the entire audio spectrum      29/01/24

We caught up with Colin from McDSP at NAMM 2024, and he gave us a look at their new product, the SA-3 Spectral ProcessorSA-3 utilizes the same award-winning algorithms as their SA-2 Dialog Processor but operates over the entire audio spectrum. With over a thousand bands, the SA-3 promises outstanding sound quality and will also be available for Windows in February. Then Colin introduced us to the BOB module, an APB plug-in that enhances low-end frequencies in mixes. BOB allows users to adjust the low-end and offers various features such as frequency-selective compression and analog saturation circuits. The plug-in is aimed at providing rich bass experiences even on smaller consumer speakers.

McDSP's APB hardware product range, including the APB16 and APB8, utilize reconfigurable analog circuit networks (a term coined by Nick) that can be customized through their plug-ins. As a free plug-in for APB16s and APB8s customers, BOB adds another layer of versatility to the already impressive range. Moreover, McDSP announced a new low-latency feature for Pro Tools, allowing the use of APB plug-ins for tracking, not just mixing. This feature offers a sample delay of 207 samples at the lowest buffer size, equating to approximately 4.2-4.6 milliseconds. Currently, the low-latency feature is only available for Pro Tools, but McDSP may explore expanding it to other DAWs in the future.

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