NAMM 2023: McDSP - KD-1 Kinetic Drive

US New Drive plugin powered by the analogue heart of McDSPs APB      16/04/23

Colin McDowell from McDSP showcased the KD-1 plug-in, which focuses on signal saturation. The plug-in uses the programmable analog box (APB) and enables the user to mix the processed signal with the original signal, and also allows them to focus the saturation on a particular region of the spectrum with a focus amount and a kinetics knob. The APB is a big box full of analogue Op Amps, VCAs, and other analogue components controlled by software-based plugins. It is also self-monitoring that maintains itself, so all the channels perform equally, and the APB itself is connected via thunderbolt cable, allowing the user to daisy chain up to five APB units in one thunderbolt connection.

The KD-1 plug-in is solely using most of the saturation circuits of the APB, and it is a one plugin per channel kind of box. However, users can chain plugins by going one into the other. McDSP is offering the KD-1 plug-in for free to all registered APB customers.

McDSP APB-8 Analog Processing Box Price: 3,999 USD

McDSP APB-16 Analog Processing Box Price: 6,999 USD

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