McDSP Celebrates 25 Years In Pro Audio

US Company plans a series of promotions in the upcoming weeks      03/10/23

McDSP Celebrates 25 Years In Pro Audio

McDSP is celebrating 25 years in the pro audio industry. From its first plug-in, FilterBank, to the groundbreaking patented programmable analog hardware, the APB-16 and APB-8, McDSP has been producing award winning products for over two decades. McDSP tells us that founder Colin McDowell and the entire McDSP team are grateful for the worldwide support from every McDSP user.

To mark this occasion, McDSP has planned a series of promotions in the upcoming weeks to celebrate this significant milestone. Currently McDSP is offering its All Access Annual Paid Monthly Subscriptions at just $0.99 for the first month. Subscribers will not only gain access to the entire McDSP library at this special rate but will also receive two free months of Splice's Creator Plan with every subscription purchase.

More information about McDSP's 25th Anniversary, including promotions, giveaways, and more, can be found on their website.

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