NAMM 24 - Korg - KingKorg Neo

US The King returns with a redesigned sound engine      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Korg unveiled their latest synthesizer, the **King Korg Neo**. This new iteration of the King Korg synthesizer has undergone some significant changes, with improved build quality, and a re-voiced and re-designed sound engine. The panel layout remains similar, but the configuration and signal flow have been optimized for better usability. The King Korg Neo features all-new patches and PCM, resulting in a more modern and improved sound quality. While it retains the same architecture as the original, it offers higher resolution in some of the samples.

Korg has focused on making the King Korg Neo easy to navigate and hands-on. It includes three LCDs for easy control and quick access to different effects. With the ability to toggle effects on and off, users can quickly customize their sound. The synthesizer offers various categories and patches, including lead sounds with impressive girth and effects like distortion, chorus, and reverb delays. The King Korg Leo also features an arpeggiator and can be split or layered with two timbres, but it does not support compatibility with old King Korg patches. 

KingKorg NEO Available: Feb 2024. Price 949 GBP



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