NAMM 2024: Korg - Desktop Modules

US OP6, Modwave and Wavestate in a smaller format      26/01/24

Korg has a ton of new products on display at NAMM 2024, including these desktop module versions of the Opsix, ModWave, and WaveState synthesizers. These modules are based on the Mark II keyboard counterparts and provide extra polyphony and voicing. They come in a rack form and offer an adjustable format that adds a touch of luxury. Despite their premium appearance, the modules are priced the same or slightly less than their keyboard counterparts. With increased polyphony and processing power, these desktop modules provide a significant upgrade compared to the SE versions, all while maintaining affordability. The release date for these modules is set for later in the year, with an anticipated availability in early summer.

Prices TBC.


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