NAMM 2024: Oeksound - Bloom

US Real time adaptive EQ and tonal shaper      25/01/24

At NAMM 2023, Sonic State had the opportunity to speak with Hannes from Oeksound about their upcoming plugin, Bloom. Hannes explained that Bloom is an adaptive tone shaper designed to analyze incoming signals and apply corrections based on the perceived tonal balance of the sound. The main amount knob allows users to adjust the adaptive changes, making the sound more balanced. Hannes demonstrated how Bloom can be used to enhance various sounds, from vocals to guitars, offering real-time adaptive changes dynamically. The plugin features four bands for users to define their tonal preferences, providing flexibility in shaping the sound.

Hannes told us that Bloom goes beyond the capabilities of traditional EQs or compressors, offering real-time adaptability to changes in the tonal content of the input signal. The plugin, based on Oeksound's algorithm, focuses on achieving warmth, making tonal changes for more presence, and enhancing overtones without static alterations. While Hannes did not disclose the exact release date and price, he mentioned that Bloom is expected to be available in the coming months at a price point in line with their existing plugins.








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