NAMM 2023: Oeksound - Soothe Live

US Powerful resonance taming for live sound      15/04/23

Oeksound, a company specializing in audio technology, has released Soothe Live. It has been in development for three and a half years and is designed to cut resonances automatically by detecting obnoxiously harsh frequencies and excessive boominess in live audio. It applies reduction in just 1 millisecond, making it a powerful tool for live sound engineers. Soothe Live Live can now run on almost every channel with 54 mono-resonances per, making it a valuable addition to live shows.

Olli, the representative from Oeksound, told us they spent a full year testing and improving the product after releasing it to beta. They even received valuable feedback from top engineers who used it in shows like Muse and Roger Waters to help improve it. Soothe Live has also been integrated into the S6L console from Avid, with all touch screen features working perfectly. It runs on Pro Tools HDX System, making it perfect for virtual sound checks or recording sessions. 

Soothe 2 Price: 199 USD

Soothe Live Price: 899 USD

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