Mackie Enhances ProFX Compact Mixer Series

US ProFXv3+ come complete with USB recording modes, upgraded FX and Bluetooth      17/01/24

Mackie Enhances ProFX Compact Mixer Series

Mackie has introduced the newest additions to their ProFXv3 series, expanding the lineup with three new "plus" models packed with creator-friendly technology and features. Here's the full details in the company's own words...

Mackie's ProFX series set the standard for low noise and high performance in a portable, compact package, and ProFXv3 has defined that legacy even further, delivering stellar sound and intuitive workflow while adding a host of features that deliver professional mixing tools for live and studio. The new ProFXv3+ models give you even more of what you need to create great sounding productions, from live sound and recording to live streaming.
ProFX6v3+, ProFX10v3+, and ProFX12v3+ bring a host of new features including switchable USB recording modes, bi-directional Bluetooth® audio, and a beefed up new GigFX+ effects engine with twelve upgraded, customizable effects, including Mackie's legendary EQ and one-button compression. The vibrant, full-color LCD screen enables you to easily see, edit, save, and instantly recall your preset parameters on the fly.  

Capture your stream or performance at pristine 24-bit / 192 kHz quality with the built-in 2x4 USB-C audio interface. Choose from three recording modes: Standard mode captures your full mix, including GigFX+ effects and EQ. Interface mode sends a clean mix with no effects or EQ, allowing you to continue your mix in your DAW software. And Loopback mode enables you to mix computer audio into your recording – ideal for video game streaming or playing music over backing tracks.
There's a wide range of inputs to connect your sources, including mic inputs featuring Mackie's acclaimed Onyx mic preamps delivering up to 60 dB of gain with ultra-low noise. You've got 48V phantom power, 100 Hz low-cut filters, and Hi-Z switches to connect your instruments, as well as stereo 1/8-inch aux inputs. Monitor via headphone output, using the blend knob to mix between the direct signal and your DAW output for latency-free monitoring.

Bluetooth audio? Yeah, we've got that. Bring in backing tracks wirelessly from your phone, or patch in a caller for a live presentation or podcast, with Mix Minus monitoring to prevent callers from hearing an echo.

Waveform OEM™ recording software is included. And of course, the new ProFXv3+ series gives you Mackie's legendary Built-Like-A-Tank construction, housed in a solid steel chassis with ultra-tough ABS side protection.

Pricing and Availability:
ProFXv3+ mixers will be sold on and at participating retailers with the following MAPs:

ProFX6v3+: $249.99
ProFX10v3+: $329.99
ProFX12v3+: $419.99

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