Mackie Launches DLZ Creator

US All-in-one podcasting and streaming audio solution for content creators      23/05/23

Mackie has announced the DLZ Creator, which they describe as the ultimate all-in-one podcasting and streaming audio solution for content creators of any experience level. They say that, drawing on Mackie's rich 30-plus-year history of supporting creators with accessible, professional-grade audio equipment, the DLZ Creator delivers quick professional results with maximum flexibility for new users and established creators alike.

Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie, told us, "Mackie audio solutions have been tapped by creators and professionals for years, so podcasting was a natural next step for us. We challenged ourselves in designing a product that would meet the needs of today's modern creators, so any user – beginner or pro – can create on their own terms. The DLZ Creator accomplishes this with its robust feature set, easy set-up process, and modes that adapt to the needs or experience level of the user."

Here's the details direct from Mackie...

The DLZ Creator, which is available today at a price of $799.99, is a digital podcast mixer, complete with Mackie's Mix Agent™ technology, that easily and seamlessly assists, automates, and guides setup for users. With its fully adaptable interface, equipped with DLZ control modes and a full studio-worthy suite of processing, the DLZ Creator puts pro-quality podcasting into the hands of users at any level.

Some of the key product features include:

  • Control Modes (Easy, Enhanced, and Pro) transform the touch display effortlessly from simple and intuitive to advanced and detailed, adapting to the individual user's skill level, with no compromise in processing power or sound quality.
  • The Mix Agent™ setup assistant provides easy setup and automates functions, dialing everything in exactly where it needs to be with minimal effort or learning curve.
  • Pro Mode unlocks the full power of the DLZ Creator to take control and fully customize the product to get the desired sound.
  • The AutoMix manages levels for up to four mics, so users and their guests can be heard -- even when everyone speaks at the same time.
  • The DLZ Creator produces studio-quality audio, and the Onyx80 mic preamps ensure any mic one uses will sound loud and pristine. Users can also create customized headphone mixes for guests.


The DLZ Creator is more than a podcast mixer or audio interface. It can be used to record or stream multitrack audio to a computer or USB-C, or straight to an SD card for a truly self-contained setup that allows users to get creating faster.

Pricing and Availability:

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