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US Puremagnetik's Later plugin is a chorus, modulation and filter box      12/10/23

Puremagnetik has released Later which they say is a versatile chorus, modulation and filter box. Here's how they describe it...

With individual band-pass filters and dynamic modulation, Later takes incoming audio and provides the controls to modulate it on a micro or macro level. The filtered signal is processed through a chain of delayed lines that can be time-modulated for lush time-based effects and cosmic sweeps.

Some settings create tape warbles, vibratos and flutters. Other programmings create filtered radio modulations. It can produce temporal glitches, tremolo pulses and dramatic space effects. Create delicate choruses, dynamically shape your tremolo pulses, or experiment with time-altering filters for far out results.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host

Pricing and Availability:
Later is $9 this month as part of Puremagnetik's monthly membership. For $9 per month ($89 annually) members get newly developed devices each month. More details.

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