Puremagnetik Updates Lore

US Open-source experimental sound console gets a new GhostEcho device      17/10/22

Puremagnetik has updated their Lore open-source experimental sound console to version 1.0.24 with a new GhostEcho device. The say that GhostEcho adds to Lore's growing collection of effects within the system that includes a spectral arpeggiator, particle delays, IR reverb, granular "scrambler" effects and more.

A spokesperson told us, "Lore is an advanced sound design workstation inspired by musique concrète, microsound and other pioneering sound technologies of the past several decades. It combines spectral and granular engines along with several other features designed to unleash the power of microsonic resynthesis. The spectral and granular engines can then be routed into an effects chain. GhostEcho is the latest addition of devices on that effects chain."
Pricing and Availability:

Lore is free to compile yourself (CC BY-NC 4.0) and available on Micah's GitHub.

Puremagnetik's commercial distribution is available on Puremagnetik's Patreon for $9/mo.

Each month, subscribers receive new updates to Lore in VST, VST3 and AU formats

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