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US Bastl Instruments releases Kastle ARP modular melody generator      21/09/23

Bastl Instruments tells us that Kastle ARP is a unique modular melody generator based on a quantized sine wave oscillator with a digital waveshaper. Here's the full details from the company...

The pitch selection employs straightforward concepts to unleash surprising intricacy. The quantized oscillator ensures it is always in tune, and its pitch can be selected using the NOTE and CHORD inputs. The decay envelope adds variation by occasionally skipping pitches before retriggering. The timbre control allows you to blend between noble sine waves and 8-bit chip-tunes.

Kastle ARP features a versatile LFO section, inherited from the original Kastle Drum, that combines simplicity with complexity.

In boot-mode, you can easily access the root note and fine pitch tuning. Additionally, the bass output plays the root pitch of the current chord, enhancing the overall sound.


  •     quantized-pitch sine wave oscillator
  •     NOTE knob to browse thru 8 octaves
  •     timbre xor waveshaper
  •     CHORD CV input switches between 3 chords
  •     CV controllable decay envelope generator
  •     triggered pitch with "negative" decay to achieve melodic variation
  •     BASS output with the root of the chord
  •     boot mode to set a root note and fine-tune
  •     voltage-controllable clock with square and triangle output
  •     stepped voltage generator with random, 8-step, and 16-step loop modes
  •     two I/O CV ports routable to any patch point
  •     the main OUT capable of driving headphones
  •     3x AA battery operation or USB power, selectable by a switch
  •     open source
  •     durable black & silver PCB enclosure

Pricing and Availability:

 €107 Tax excluded

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