Bastl Instruments Pizza Crust and THYME+

US Drum voice eurorack module and a reimagination of their classic flagship delay box      10/05/24

In advance of SuperBooth, Bastl Instruments has announced ther newest products – the drum voice eurorack module Crust and the reimagination of their classic flagship delay box – THYME+. This is what they have to say about them...

Pizza Crust is a hard-hitting drum voice and goes way beyond the drum territory. It consists of two layers – the NOISE source and dual oscillator TONE generator. Hard-hitting drums need a lot of transient attention, and CRUST has you covered with the combination of pitch envelope, layer mixing, FM envelope, and transient shaper with hard-clipping. Crust runs on the same HW as our PIZZA Oscillator or BASIL Pizza modules. We will open-source the face plate and publish the firmware in the following weeks on the product page, so Pizza users can try it out.

THYME+ is a digital tape machine that transcends typical delay effects and spans across various multi-effect categories. Though proudly digital, THYME+ operates with the metaphor of an analog tape delay machine, offering adjustable tape speed and positions of the read heads. Multiple read heads (multi-tap) enhance density and complexity, while feedback and filters govern the richness or darkness of the echo tails.
THYME+ represents an updated and innovated version of the now iconic THYME released in 2017. Alongside improved connectivity, a better audio codec, and a few firmware tweaks and refinements, the new version's hardware is enhanced with a compact metal enclosure, larger, more spaced-out knobs, and a sleeker faceplate.

Pricing and Availability:

Pizza Crust is available now for 267 Eur excl. VAT (approx. 323 Eur incl. VAT) and shipping in early June.
THYME+ is available now for 495 Eur excl. VAT (approx. 599 Eur incl. VAT) and shipping in early June.

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