Superbooth 2023: Bastl - BASIL

US Modulatable stereo delay module      12/05/23

At Superbooth 2023, we caught up with Vaclav from Bastl Instruments, who was showcasing the company's new delay module BASIL. BASIL is a compact, modulatable 8HP stereo delay with stereo input and output. Modulation can achieve chorus and flanger effects and also modulates well with ramps for pitch shifting, reversing and more. It has a dry/wet fader, feedback which is bipolar, and when modulated with bipolar CVs, it can get narrow or wide feedback. It also has a time knob with a button that allows users to flip stereo detune between left and right channel. Additionally, BASIL has a space section with various features including blur for diffusion, filter, and multi-taps. The space section also has a compressor in the feedback path, so it never gets out of control when feedback is cranked. BASIL is available now for €267 without tax, and Bastl Instruments is shipping in three weeks from early June.

BASIL Available to pre order now, shipping Early June 2023.

Price: €267 plus VAT

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