7 Vintage EMT-140 Plates Emulated

US Wave Alchemy releases Radiance plate reverb plug-in      03/07/23

Wave Alchemy has releases Radiance, a plate reverb plug-in. This is what they have to say about it...

Faithfully capturing the sound of 7 legendary vintage EMT-140 plates, Radiance brings this iconic sound into the present day by combining advanced DSP and sound shaping with detailed modelling.

From dark and moody, to beautifully vibrant and airy, Radiance's 7 plate models cover a wide sonic spectrum.

Take the iconic 140 plate sound to new dimensions with rich modulation, ducking, mid / side EQ, gating, dual-band stereo width, transient shaping, reverb character modes and much more...

Available now as an AU, VST3 and AAX plugin for macOS and Windows.


  • Recreate the exact sound of 7 unique EMT 140 reverb plates
  • Modern mode for an extended frequency range and vibrant tone
  • Analogue modelled preamp Input saturation
  • Introduce lush modulation using Ensemble and Flux
  • Advanced controls for gating, ducking and transient smoothing
  • Add depth and space with dual-band stereo width controls
  • Go from crystal clean to gritty with Radiance's reverb Character modes
  • 4 band Output EQ with mid / side functionality
  • Internal preset browser with searching, tags and favourites
  • 285 production-ready presets

Pricing and Availability:

On offer at £44

More information:



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