Sonic LAB: TRIAZ Self Contained Drum Machine Plug-in

US Wave Alchemy's Kontakt tour de force      21/01/22

Wave Alchemy have pushed the boundaries of what is possible inside the Kontakt player with TRIAZ - a 12 voice drum machine instrument/pattern sequencer with three sample layers per voice, each with multiple synthesis parameters and effects.

Chris [midierror] takes a look at TRIAZ and finds it an inspirational workspace fo create beats in. It also features multi-outs for even more processing and side-chaining as well as the option to drop user samples into create additional kits. if 10,000 samples is not enough to get you started.

With per track length and pattern sequencing via incoming MIDI notes, its possible to craft a full arrangement from inside the plug-in:

  • Supports Mac OS X 10.13 (or higher) and Windows 7 (or higher)
  • Runs in Kontakt Free Player or Kontakt version 6.6 (or higher)
  • 3GB in size after unpacking.

Wave Alchemy have now extended the TRIAZ intro offer (21st January is stated in the video) until 31st Jan! It's available at a reduced price of £119.96 after which it's £149.99.


Chris takes us through the features in this review for Sonic LAB.

TRIAZ works in Kontakt Player (free) v

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