LABS Uilleann Pipes

US Another freebie from Spitfire Audio      01/06/23

Spitfire Audio has released LABS Uilleann Pipes. They say that it is made in collaboration with award-winning composer, producer and performing artist, Hannah Peel, and as featured in Hannah's score for the much celebrated National Theatre production of Dancing at Lughnasa. This is what they have to say...

Also known as the Irish Bagpipe, LABS Uilleann Pipes utilise multiple drones, regulators and chanters to produce a wide range of expressive timbres. Performed with traditional Celtic flourishes and ornamentations, this rarely sampled instrument provides an unconventional way to add texture and interest to contemporary music.

Hannah Peel came to LABS while looking for an instrument that captured a Celtic undertone for use in her work for the National Theatre's run of Dancing At Lughnasa. The Uilleann Pipe quickly came to mind, and with Hannah's guidance, the LABS team created a series of playable instruments for use in her score.

Powered by bellows, this "indoor" pipe is far more inviting than its tartan clad cousin. Offering a series of softer, often more expressive timbres, performed with a sparse spray of grace notes and unique ornamentation.

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