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US Spitfire Audio releases Hearth and Hollow – Folk Voices      15/03/24

Spitfire Audio says that their new sample library, Hearth and Hollow – Folk Voices - is their latest collaboration with Hunter Rogerson and a direct response to the overwhelming success of their previous collaboration, Hearth and Hollow – Plucked Folk Ensemble. Here's the details direct from the company...

Recorded in the serene acoustics of St. John's Anglican Church, and featuring four configurable vocals (three soloists and one ensemble – "Willow", "Juniper", "Hawthorn", and "Forest") with 11 articulations and eight mixes, Hearth and Hollow – Folk Voices captures a real and intimate vocal session, highlighting the warmth and unique character each singer's voice has to offer.

Raw and unadorned, close-knit and deeply personal, each vocalist brings a distinct flavour to the table.


  • The quintessential indie folk sound, for fans of Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes
  • Four arrangeable vocal styles (three solo, one combo), representing different approaches to the folk sound
  • Housed in a cosy, interactive UI that encourages intuitive sculpting and arranging
  • CC controllable vowel blending
  • Intuitive doubling control for creating instant double-tracked vocal parts
  • Articulations crafted and performed to mirror the common practices of indie vocals
  • Solo NKI's of each singer for additional arrangement flexibility
  • Bonus NKI's with true legato whistling and a human percussion kit
  • Download Size: 6.23GB

Pricing and Availability:
£99 / $99 / €99

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