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US Crystal Bowls by Aska Matsumiya is available now      07/02/24

Rising composer and multi-instrumentalist Aska Matsumiya (After Yang, Betty, Fastest Woman On Earth) has joined forces with Spitfire Audio to unveil a new sample library called Crystal Bowls, in a community-driven release.

They describe it as a distinctive collection of instruments that captures the ethereal and resonant tones of crystal bowls, tuning forks and percussion, meticulously curated and designed to inspire composers, producers, and musicians alike.


  • A 7-piece set of rare crystal singing bowls made from high-purity quartz
  • Tuned to C, D, E, F, G, A, and B at a frequency of 432 Hz
  • Recorded in the expansive acoustics of London's Hackney Round Chapel, with a clear and resonant reverb
  • Presented in an elegant, user-friendly interface equipped with intuitive controls
  • Four controls to help shape your sound: Attack, Release, Offset and Reverb (using an IR captured in the Round Chapel)
  • 5 Crystal Bowl playing styles
  • Mix between a range of six traditional and contemporary beaters - Brushes, Soft Mallet, Sticks, Rubber Mallet, Plastic Mallet, Hot Rods
  • Two tuning fork sounds for higher, sharper tones
  • One signal created from a mix of Close, Room, Gallery positions
  • Six warped sounds made by running the crystal bowls through guitar pedals and granular synths
  • Download Size: 2.1GB

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