Spitfire Audio Releases MG Soft Acoustic Guitar

US Soft and sensitive acoustic guitar crafted by composer and guitarist Mike Georgiades      15/12/23

Spitfire Audio has released MG Soft Acoustic Guitar which they describe as a beautifully soft and sensitive acoustic guitar, meticulously crafted by composer and virtuoso guitarist Mike Georgiades. Here's the details direct from the company...

Mike Georgiades is a composer and guitarist / multi-instrumentalist from London. With past projects including Assassin's Creed Odyssey (working with composer duo The Flight) and various other game, film and TV music projects, Mike is currently composing for highly anticipated game The Plucky Squire.

Recorded and scripted from the ground-up by Mike Georgiades at Spitfire HQ with a pair of vintage Neumann U87's, MG Soft Acoustic Guitar brings the soft sweet tone of a Martin J-40 steel string acoustic guitar, featuring various playing modes including a feature-rich chord / strum system and a fully customisable step sequencer plus a MIDI Drag and Drop feature. With deep sampling covering all guitar-related articulations including mutes, harmonics, slides, slurs, vibrato and string/body hits.

This guitar aims to set a new standard for virtual guitar libraries, offering a remarkably authentic sound out of the box, and helping to demystify the workings of the guitar for non-guitarists.

"I began playing the classical guitar at the age of five, and am passionate about promoting the beauty of the guitar in all its forms...currently I am creating a series of sampled instruments to help demystify the workings of the guitar for non-guitarists, whilst providing useful writing tools for guitarists. I hope these instruments will inspire and encourage creators to make use of the guitar in their productions." - Mike Georgiades


  • A vast array of samples, with up to 7x round robins and 5 velocity layers
  • Offering all standard articulations including mutes, harmonics, slides (pre and post note), slurs, vibrato, bends and hits (string and body)
  • 3 performance modes: Note Mode, Chord Mode and Sequencer Mode (with MIDI Drag'n Drop).
  • Recorded with a pair of vintage Neumann U87 microphones
  • 8 separate NKIs included, each set up with suitable guitar calibration, FX chain and relevant sequence patterns
  • Choose from standard guitar tunings or create custom tunings
  • FX section with 5 FX modules:- Convolution Reverb, Algorithmic Reverb, Chorus, Delay and EQ
  • Download Size: 2.1GB

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