Superbooth 2023: Buchla - Limited Edition Music Easel

US A Music Easel with original design features and a gold keyboard      11/05/23

Nick from Buchla showed us their limited edition 50th Anniversary Music Easel. This special edition includes classic 208 voices and original old-school knobs and meter from the 70s. It comes with a gold keyboard and will be sold with its original Halliburton metal briefcase. The Music Easel has the same patching and control interface as the original, and the new edition even has some added extras like patch points and midi over USB-C. 

Nick also demonstrated Buchla's Program Manager Card, which allows users to scroll through and select sounds. The card can be embedded below the surface of the module using the embedding kit offered by Buchla, perfect for those who are always using it and don't want it sticking out, or cards be inserted into the edge connector as usual. The new Music Easel is expected to ship in the fall alongside the special edition, which is available for order in June only.

Special Edition Music Easel Price: 8,000 - 10,000 USD


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