Buchla And Tiptop Audio Module Ships

US The 257t Dual Voltage Processor is now available      05/10/22

Buchla And Tiptop Audio Module Ships

Tiptop Audio has officially released the Buchla and Tiptop Audio Model 257t Dual Voltage Processor and they dealers should have this module listed now to order.

A spokesperson told us, "The 257t is an interesting and some what mysterious looking module. On the face plate is a mathematical formula that represents the variety of voltage processing that can be done with each section of the module. Don's decision to describe these functions in such a way for the users tells us something about the mindset of a 70s electronic sound scientist using technology that obviously was way ahead of its' time. The 257t user manual is now online, and we attempt to explain the function of this module using terms more familiar to today's generation."

Pricing and Availability:

See local retailer.

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