NAMM 23: New Soundtoys Super Plate

US New algorithms, EQ, Sidechain and more      16/04/23

Soundtoys has announced its new plugin, SuperPlate. After years of development, SuperPlate offers a classic EMT140 sound with new features. The plugin includes the gold foil Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate reverb units, and can be saturated by three different styles such as a tube saturation style and a compression built-in kind of saturation style. The five plates can also be further saturated via modulations, and each plate has a switchable DB's pre-octave on the slope for the high and low cut. With a built-in side chain that's listening to the dry signal with a threshold control and a target control, SuperPlate can dynamically shorten the decay of the reverb tail.

SuperPlate is a versatile plugin with a built-in stereo control, dry and wet knob, and balanced control. The half a second decay can go all the way to infinity, and the predelay built into the reverb allows users to go from zero milliseconds all the way to 250 milliseconds of predelay straight from the box. With a variable depth control and a changeable LFO from 0.2 hertz all the way up to eight hertz, the plugin offers a unique clean and movement-heavy dynamic reverb that breathes with music. The output EQ affects only the reverb sound, not the dry signal, and is super easy to add some EQ on the reverb.

SuperPlate is available next month as the new sound toys 5.4 update, with an upgrade cost of $60 USD for any users who already have sound toys 5. Little plate users can also upgrade to SuperPlate for $59 USD, and the plugin is coming to a fec rack as an additional add-on license. By purchasing SuperPlate, users can also buy the license to use it on its own. 

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