NAMM 2024: SoundToys - Superplate

US Smooth plate reverbs that can go to infinity      29/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to catch up with Chris and Walker from Soundtoys to discuss their latest plugin, SuperPlate. Released about nine months ago, SuperPlate has become a standout product for the company. Unlike traditional reverb plugins, SuperPlate is an evolution of Soundtoys' LittlePlate, featuring five meticulously modeled plate reverb bottles, including iconic models like the EMT-140 and EMT-240.

What sets SuperPlate apart is its auto decay feature, that allows for infinite decay while intelligently managing the reverb's intensity when playing into it. We delve into the algorithmic modeling process, stereo controls, and the plugin's ability to smoothly emulate the characteristics of various plate reverbs. 

SuperPlate Price: 149 USD

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