NAMM 2023: Elektron - Overbridge for AAX Preview

US Overbridge gives total control over the Elektron family      16/04/23

We met up with Mario from Elektron, who showed us the new capabilities of Overbridge in Pro Tools. Overbridge is a plugin that allows you to control your Elektron device bi-directionally with hardware, gives individual outs, which opens up the Digi machines to more flexibility than afforded by their usual stereo out. What's really great about it is that you don't have to sacrifice your interface that you already have built into your system. When you open up the plug-in at first, it'll just be the main out, but you have the ability within the devices to change the routing.

Overbridge has total recall, so if you just plug in your device, and you have a wrong project loaded, once you open up the DAW project, it'll just load everything onto your device. With overbridge, you can process everything separately with plugins as well. It can pull out all of it and aggregate all of the devices and access the individual outputs of each one. Overbridge is now available in public beta with AAX and VST.

Overbridge VST Price: Free

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