Korg Clear The Warehouse With SQ-64 Discounted By 40%

US Another US Only Reverb Deal      03/10/22

Seems like Korg are clearing the warehouse again, the SQ-64  -sequencer  (see our review below )is available on Reverb.com at a 40% discount - now priced at $199 (which we would say is a fairer price tbh) but it does represent  chunk of change. The SQ-64 has some really great performative random, pattern tweaking and other features to help make variations from shorter riffs.

You can get the deal here: At Reverb.com [Affiliate link - supports the site]

Sadly for us Brits  and pretty much everywhere else, its a US only deal.

However, we're also reliably informed that EU countries will also see some level of discount due to currency fluctuations.


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