NAMM 22: Austrian Audio - OC16 Large Condenser Microphone

US The handmade CKR6 capsule from Vienna in a more affordable package      04/06/22

Philip from Austrian Audio introduced us to the OC16, a cardioid large-condenser mic with the same Vienna-made capsule as the OC18, but in a more affordable package. Equipped with a 2 step hi pass filter, the OC16 is an extremely flexible all-rounder and can be used on a wide variety of instruments: From drums to electric and acoustic guitars, pianos, wind and string instruments to vocals. Next we got a glimpse of the OD303, delivering Austrian Audio's Open Acoustic technology in a rugged package designed to withstand live environments at an affordable price point. We also got to see some of their new instrument microphones.

OC16 Available now. Price: 399 USD

OD303 Available now. Price: 119 USD

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