NAMM 2024: Austrian Audio - Mic Creator

US Cute little shock mounted mic with its own audio interface built in      26/01/24

At NAMM 2023, Sonic State caught up with Philipp from Austrian Audio to get the lowdown on their latest product, the Mic Creator. Philipp told us the Mic Creator should be seen as more than just a microphone, it's also a recording interface. The device, equipped with a shock-mounted tiltable condenser capsule, features a USBC connection, making it compatible with mobile devices like phones and iPads. You can also plug in a guitar cable, causing Mic Creator to automatically switch to an impedance suitable for guitar pickups.

Mic Creator comes with a monitor out, allowing users to connect two sets of headphones to check the mix and it can handle stereo recording with the Mic Creator satellite for interview situations. The device's user-friendly interface includes gain switches for both microphones and a mute option for the front microphone. Additionally, a customizable faceplate feature allows users to incorporate their channel logo, making it an ideal tool for content creators.

Mic Creator and cable Price: 199 USD

Mic Creator Set (including Sattelite) Price: 299 USD

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