Austrian Audio Unveils Flagship Headphones

US First headphone amp also announced      03/10/23

Austrian Audio Unveils Flagship Headphones

Austrian Audio has announced The Composer, its new flagship headphone model and the Full Score one, its debut headphone amp.Here's the details in their own words...

 Austrian Audio the Composer
Since the company's 2017 launch, Austrian Audio has built a deserved reputation for supreme headphone design, covering home, office, and studio-geared models. From its innovative Hi-X (High Excursion) driver technology to peerless fit and finish, the Austrian Audio headphone family is all killer, no filler. The Composer builds on the design team's many years of experience to take personal listening to new levels.
The Composer employs the latest version of that Hi-X technology, featuring a 49mm driver with a precision-machined ring system featuring maximum strength N52 grade neodymium magnets. This design enhances airflow and delivers the most powerful magnetic field in its class. Austrian Audio coats the diaphragm of the Hi-X49 DLC with diamond-like carbon (DLC), making it exceptionally rigid. Consequently, the Composer delivers an authentic listening experience across all levels by stiffening the cone without adding weight.
Listening with The Composer, users experience spacious yet precise high frequencies and faithful and swift impulse bass imaging at remarkably low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) levels – the THD parameter gauges the extent of unwanted harmonic distortion introduced by a sound-reproduction system as it processes an audio signal. The Composer ensures an incredibly revealing listening journey that sets new standards at its price point.
With headphones, comfort is key. So, Austrian Audio equips the Composer with the most sophisticated mechanical design on the market, including unique tiltable earcups with four positions to achieve a flawless fit. The durable memory foam ear pads further boost comfort, the adjustable headband employs a mesh material to release warmth and avoid perspiration, and the headphones weigh under 400 grams. The overall result is a heavyweight performance with flyweight fit and agility.
Austrian Audio Full Score one
With the rise in consumers investing in higher-end headphones, a dedicated amp is a crucial part of any high-end system. It can be tempting to sidestep the additional purchase, but a capable headphone amplifier takes listening to new levels, delivering a uniquely engaging listening experience. The Full Score one further ups the ante, bringing a fresh methodology to amplifier design, including newly developed, proprietary technology.
Austrian Audio's approach to its first headphone amp was comparable to building a very low noise power amplifier. So, the Full Score one handles low-impedance headphones down to 10 Ohms and high impedance, low-sensitivity headphones with over 300 Ohms. Thanks to an innovative design – the layout's main amplifier comprises a wide band, fully symmetrical voltage feedback circuit with a triple emitter follower output stage biased in class B, a high-speed complementary push-pull gain stage and a cascoded parallel differential input stage – the Full Score one secures the lowest THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) at every output level and frequency range. The upshot? You hear every nuance of your favourite recordings, even with less sensitive headphones that need more amplification.
The Full Score one also employs its maker's new, proprietary True Transient Technology (TTT). This inspired innovation helps the amplifier perfectly deliver even the steepest transients – for example, the snap of a snare drum or the pluck of a guitar string. The TTT implementation includes the Full Score one's primary amp short output voltage invariant rise time, combined with a high maximum slew rate, which ensures that TTT reveals the full bandwidth and finest subtleties of the recording. Some (older) music recordings were mixed with slower audio systems in mind, hence the TTT button on the Full Score one's front panel, letting the listener switch it on and off.
Fit and finish are flawless – Austrian Audio uses only high-end or military-grade components – and the Full Score one graces any system. Twin it with a pair of high-end headphones – we humbly suggest The Composer – and the "sound-per-dollar/euro/pound" return is off the chart.
Pricing and Availability:
The Composer is priced at EUR 2,499.00 / GBP 2,249.00 / USD 2,699,00.
The Full Score one is priced at EUR 1,499.00 / GBP 1,299.00 / USD 1,499.00.
 The two new models will ship during Q4, December 2023.

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