Spitfire + BT Release Polaris Orchestral Synth

US String orchestra + classic synths = joy      08/04/22

BT and Spitfire Audio have collaborated to create Polaris which is described as:

A modern string orchestra imitating classic synth sounds, from the mind of Grammy-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer & technologist Brian Transeau, AKA BT

Which in itself is an interesting idea, (we'd love to have been at that pitch!) and has now become a tangible product. Polaris takes a modern string orchestra recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Hall with a variety of mics:

  • Super Close (KM84 / MKH40 - All desks summed)
  • Close (All desks summed)
  • Room (All desks summed)
  • Far (Amb + Gallery summed)
  • Stereo Pair (Rode stereo pair)
  • Boundary (Schoeps PZM)
  • Encode (Dolby A encode / Dolby SR decode)
  • Tape (2 Track run hot)
  • Tight Mix
  • Hall Mix

Polaris BT

The recordings and articulations are available in natural form as well as many  recordings processed again through classic vintage machines: EMU E-II, Fairlight, Mirage, VHS tape prints and others.

There are also several classic synths used in addition as sound sources - CS-80, Prophet T8, OB-Xa, Matrix 12  Jupiter 8 and Prophet 5.

All of this is combined using the the eDNA interface into 421 crafted patches by BT and the Spitfire team.

RRP Price: £299 / €349 / $439
Pre-order / Promo Period £229 / €269 / $269
Owners of BT Phobos -  £199 / €229 / $229 (only during promo period)

LInk: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/polaris/


  • A modern string orchestra imitating classic synth sounds
  • A massive multi-layering of complex synth sounds made accessible
  • Endless customisation sounds using eDNA engine
  • All-new Granular Delay Engine for further sonic discovery
  • 129 Articulations
    • 94 Articulations inc. the original string performances
    • 35 layered 'Synergy' patches for use in the eDNA engine
  • 421 Presets created by BT himself and the Spitfire Team
  • 54 a-tonal noise sources recorded by BT


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