The Complete History Of Slap Bass

Extensive run down from Bass Freedom      28/11/21

Slap bass is an incredible fusion of percussive and low end sounds, and if you want to know how it all started, this video is for you. Youtube channel Andrew Freed goes back to the start of slap bass in the 1920's on the acoustic bass, before looking at the electric bass in later years. He covers the styles and music of legends like Larry Graham, Marcus Miller, Flea, Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Stanley Clarke and many more.

Covering the true birth of slap in the 1920's-50's, then covering the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s and then recent years as well as the new influx of social media performers. There are some phenomenal styles here, including Victor Wooten's "Two Thumb" technique - we covered the very same guy simplifying music theory not long ago. 

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