Erica Synths Releases Black System III

Self-contained, performance oriented system is now available      31/03/21

Erica Synths tells us that their Black System III is a self-contained, performance oriented system, and a well-considered collection of the best sounding and the most versatile Black Series modules. A spokesperson told us, "It will be a reliable companion for experienced musicians and unlimited source of inspiration for any eurorack fan. Erica Synths Black Series modules are recognized for their build quality, which makes this instrument a lasting investment."

The Black System III includes:

  • Black Wavetable VCO
  • 2xBlack VCO2
  • Black Multimode VCF
  • Black LPG
  • Black EG
  • 2xBlack Quad VCA2 (no such thing as too many VCAs)
  • Black Stereo Delay
  • Black Output
  • Black Joystick2
  • Black Modulator
  • Black Mixer/Splitter
  • Black Hole DSP2
  • Black CV Tools
  • Black Sequencer
  • 2x84HP skiff case


Black System III comes in Erica Synths 2x84HP skiff case (universal PSU included) and with 30 patch cables of different length.

Pricing and Availability:
RRP: 3800EUR (VAT excluded)

More information:


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