Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue Now Available

US Erica Synths releases versatile bus mixer for analog effects chain design      18/04/24

Erica Synths has announced the latest, recently redesigned Hexinverter module for Eurorack: Mutant Hot Glue. They say that, following the successful re-launch of other Hexinverter modules including Mindphaser, VCNO, Mutant Brain and Mutant Machine, Mutant Hot Glue retains all the functionality of the original module including its all-analogue signal path, while adding additional features.

A spokesperson told us, "The Mutant Hot Glue is a versatile bus mixer for analog effects chain design. The included analog compressor offers series or parallel compression and a sidechain input, making it particularly well suited to drum processing. The voltage controlled distortion is based on ideas borrowed from the guitar pedals responsible for a lot of yesterday's acid style techno sounds, but improved over the guitar equivalents, and made specifically for synthesizer and drum processing. The distortion can be used in its default position, normalized to the effects send, or like every other part of the module, broken out and used elsewhere in your modular system."

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