A New Look For Your Moog Subharmonicon

Oversynth.com reveals a new collection of five overlays      20/11/20

Oversynth.com has introduced a new collection of overlays for the Moog Subharmonicon. The overlays feature large fonts and high contrast graphics to allow for good visibility in low light.  The artwork and labeling has been designed to enable quick control adjustments and patching during live performance and sound design.  For example, the knobs for the rhythm generators and sub oscillators are labeled with 1-16 integer values to make it easier to dial in specific tempo divisions and subharmonics.  The sequencers are also color-coded to their corresponding oscillators sections.  In addition, several designs use color-coding around the patch bay jacks to indicate the synthesizer section being affected (Oscillator, Filter, Sequencer, etc.).

You can see a live performance featuring one of the new Subharmonicon overlays in the video. 

Pricing and Availability:
Subharmonicon overlays are available now for $35 US dollars, and they ship worldwide from the USA.

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